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Help picking a pot to use with Solo Lite (and Memphis store reopening)

I currently own the Solo Campfire for car camping trips and have to say that it is one of the best purchases that I have ever made. Now, I am interested in purchasing the Solo Lite for backpack camping and would like to have a titanium pot that it will nest in. Will it nest inside the Toaks 1100 titanium pot with skillet/lid? So frustrating that I cannot come to the store to explore for myself. Any idea when the Memphis store will open back up for in store shopping? Thanks for your help!

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@sjtwh we're really sorry you aren't currently able to come in-store to test this combination out for fit. Although we aren't sharing specific reopening dates for our stores, due to ongoing variability and frustration that last minute changes can cause, we are opening additional stores around the country each week. The Memphis store page will be your best resource for current services and hours of operation; in addition, we will try to loop back here in the community and let you know when Memphis reopens!

With that said, based on dimensions, it looks like the Solo Lite stove (3.8 x 4.2) will fit within the Toaks 1100 pot (4.5 x 4.38), although it would be nice to test them out together to be sure. We expect this will be possible in Memphis within the next few weeks.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@sjtwh Another smaller lighter pot might be the 4.8oz snow peak 700 (4.1 dia x 4.4 h inches)

A nice pot that REI no longer sells is the 4.09 oz Evernew Pasta Pot M (1L) (4.92 x 4.53 inches)...a bit expensive and harder to get but very light for the capacity.

As an off the wall suggestion, the soto amicus cookset will contain the solo ultra within its two pieces plus you get an excellent canister stove as a bonus for when you get tired of trying to light wet twigs.  Probably can fit both stoves but you would have to store the canister separately...preferred by some so you don't put a dirty canister in your cookpot..although a wood stove is much presumably it wouldn't bother you.  The pots are not the lightest but being aluminum will probably distribute the heat which is better for thicker sauce type meals that might burn.  Ti  and  SS pots are thin and tend to hot spots.

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