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Technical in Eastern Tennessee

Good Morning REI fam!

I am Jeremiah, an avid mountain biker and beginner climber. I have been mountain biking for approximately five years now and give it credit for saving my soul when I was going through my divorce. the was no better place to be after work than digging in on my local single track here in Chattanooga Tennessee. Today I don't ride as much as I climb. I probably spend three day a week in the gym climbing and training and get outside prolly every other week. Hopefully more once it cools back down a bit. I have six children, four still at home all who climb and bike also....well except my youngest two who are just learning to ride and mostly just swing from the ropes or chill in the hammock when we are outside. We also snowboard, split board, hike, camp, wake surf, wake board, paddle board, and generally spend most of the daylight hours that we have free adventuring in some form or fashion. Glad to be a part of the community and look forward to future chats.

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@Jphelps Welcome to the community!

Thank you for sharing! Don't be surprised if we tag you in posts relating to your activities or to tap into your local expertise. Great to have you!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@Jphelps  Hi, Jeremiah. Where do you climb outdoors in Tennessee? I have never been there, but have been as far as the New River Gorge in West Virginia. Is it like that?


@Kato1953  Hello Wanderer!!

I have not climbed the New River Gorge, so I could not compare. I have climbed Foster Falls, Lower and Upper Leda, Stone Fort, Sunset Park, Suck Creek Canyon and Little River Canyon. Some cleaning for my well experienced trad partner, some bouldering and mostly sport. It is a Mecca and I never seem to have a lack of new places to explore. Where are you from and what does the climbing look like there. My dream would be to get out West, where I grew up and maybe get to climb some multi pitch in Yosemite.


@Jphelps  Cool! Tennessee looks like an amazing place to climb. 

New River Gorge is really solid sandstone conglomerate. Overhangs on overhangs on overhangs. Lots of bolts and some trad. Same rock as the Shawangunks. 

By all means go to Yosemite. Great granite, which I'm not certain you see much of in Eastern Tennessee. Big walls in Yosemite are incredible and a really whole different world of climbing, but Tuolomne has wonderful multi pitch routes of moderate difficulty that is a great place to begin climbing in Yosemite.

Four hours northeast of where I live is the White Mountains and it's amazing granite cliffs. There's a route on Cathedral rocks called "Bombadier" because an oak tree that grows out of a ledge on the route is home to a squirrel that likes to throw acorns at climbers as they climb past.

Here in upstate New York we have the Adirondack mountains with hard anorthosite with cliffs up to 1000' high. Two hours south of here are the Shawangunks which feature amazing sandstone conglomerate cliffs where rock climbing essentially was born in America. The 'Gunks are famous for their overhangs and horizontal cracks. If you ever get a chance to try them I heartily encourage you to do so.



@Jphelps  Hi, there!

I just discovered the Chattanooga area a few months ago. I definitely envy your proximity to so many gorgeous natural splendors. It's fantastic that you and your family engage in so many different activities!


Hello @Shinie!!!

I am so glad that you have been able to stumble upon our majestic outdoor wonderland. I also did not realize how glorious of a place we lived until it was right in my face. Where are you from? How did you come by our area? Are you new here?

@Jphelps  I meandered from Texas to Tennessee, hitting both coasts on the way before spending the past couple of years in the Nashville region. Chattanooga seems to have the highest concentration of free camping opportunities in the state, and Prentice Cooper (my first experience of the area) stole my heart! I'm hoping to work up to some trekking in the GSM by next year. I've heard it's breathtaking, sans the toilet paper minefields. 


Welcome @Jphelps !

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