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Not Really at Home in Florida!

Hey, everyone.

I've lived in Florida pretty much my whole life for various reasons, but I'm much more "at home" in the mountains! As a kid my parents took me car camping in the Smokies most summers, and in college I discovered backpacking and whitewater rafting in the Pacific Northwest. My son and I have explored parts of Wyoming, Colorado and Maine, and 30 years ago Spring Break would find me in Utah, Arizona or Baja California. And, of course, the nearest mountains are in Georgia and I still love the Blue Ridge, despite the crowds.

My wife and I do a bit of car camping and of course day hiking, and I try to get one big backpacking trip in each year. Throw in a little canoeing once in a while.

I've cut back on the weight a bit lately, with a water resistant down sleeping bag and lightweight cookware,  but you'll still find me cooking over white gas, likely with an old XGK!

See you on the trail!


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Hi @DaveBaldwin - Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing this amazing introduction!

You have found yourself in a community where there are a lot of other people who love to discuss little gear details, fun tales of past trips, and everything in between. Other folks from the southeast or who have spent time there often share their plans for getting into higher elevations — @nathanu has been putting in good work section hiking the AT, @MikeNWFL is gearing up for bikepacking ventures, and @Philreedshikes, who often heads to the mountains, went down for an awesome Everglades canoe/kayak trip earlier this year!

While I grew up moving around a bit, home base was always New Orleans, so I hear you 110% on being from a place that doesn't really feel like home. The mountains make me feel best, so I'm thrilled to currently call northern Vermont home. The locations you listed above are an amazing assortment — you've clearly been prioritizing getting out into the mountains! 

Your posts so far have been filled with lots of great information. Hopefully you continue to find fun and valuable conversations to be a part of here.

We're happy to have you here. Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself!

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