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Jack of All Trades, Master of none... not yet.

Hi everyone ! My name is Joshua I'm from Charlotte, NC, however, I was raised in the Blue Ridge mountains majority of my life. I first learned I had a love for the outdoors when I was lucky enough to join a overnight backpacking trip through the Appalachian mountains. Ever since then I've dabble in everything outdoors I possibly could. From backpacking, rock climbing (little bit), kayaking, and even whitewater rafting, which I really enjoy the most. However, this year I've chose to really dive into backpacking and want to learn as much as I can. I'm very hands on and I learn from experience. So, if there's anything you can teach me or any advice please let me know, or if you can even take me under wing I would really love to make new friends, experience new places, and even go on backpacking trips down the road. 

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Welcome!  You sound a lot like myself.  I also enjoy so many aspects of the outdoors.  I think you're going to find a ton of great information on these forums.  

Keep Calm and Paddle On

So far, I've found a lot of great information. Still a little stuck on learning Conpass and Navigation, but I think thats something I'll have to learn hands on to understand. However, it's open my eyes on a lot of things, in particular, why you shouldn't take a Ozark Trail tent as your shelter on a Whitewater rafting trip. Let's just say the ground wasn't the only thing collecting water. Since then I've upgraded, and got myself a Nemo Aurora 2 person tent. Piece by peice I'm getting it together to go on my first day trip. 

That's great!  You've picked out a wonderful tent to continue your adventure.  Orienteering is certainly an important skill to learn and I'm excited for your learning journey.  

I've found this book to be of some value



Keep Calm and Paddle On

Good on ya, mate. You got this.

Seems you have two of the necessary foundational skills:

  • Trust in your own self-reliance
  • Positive Mental Attitude

Of all the skills you will attain from outdoor activities, the ones you will treasure the most are the ones that build your character.

When I was 12, I taught fellow scouts how to pack a pack pack, with consideration to weight and bulk.  If I find my poster diagram, I will post a photo here.  It was a spin from Adventure 16/Gregory Packs' advice, but for adolescent girls, and external frame packs (circa 1995), also I had not annotated it at the time.  I am replying so I have record of where to refer back to for future posting.  (Otherwise, I will not be able to give you the image. Also, to note: I did not know and purchased my first internal from r.e.i. accidentally/in stead, probably locally regretably).