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Introduction: Hello from SoCal

Hi Everyone

My name is Christina Kwok.

I'm 29 years old about to turn 30.  Pre-covid I use to hate hiking and now I just love it.  Looking for people in the area around the same age range who'd be open to hiking various trails in LA.

I'm pretty active - have a yoga certification and my normal activity would include basketball and gymming.  (Explains why I never hiked before).


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@xikwoketa Hello and welcome to the community!

We're so glad you're here and that you have found a love for hiking! Don't be surprised if we tag you in posts about SoCal to tap into your expertise.


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thanks John!! Feel free to tag me as much as you like!

Hi @xikwoketa , and welcome to the outdoor community!  I'm about as far away from SoCal that you can get in the lower 48 (Maryland), but I wish you well in your search for like-minded friends in your area!

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Thanks  @Rob6 I’m hoping to find community and solid friends on this platform. I’ve always loved REI so when I saw you all created a conversation tab I was pretty excited. Nature has really called to me during these Covid times.  In turn, I ended up connecting better with others and want to keep connecting. Let’s go! #optoutside


I wanted to connect you to @Mountainclimb3r who just joined the community today, lives in SoCal as well, and is beginning training to do the PCT in 2021. I figured you two could share some of your favorite hiking spots. How are you holding up with the wildfires? Are they that far south? (my California geography is admittedly a bit rusty)


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

So far, all we are getting is the smoke from the infernos to the north, but SoCal is also dry and hot - fortunately no appreciable lightning

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

Hey @REI-JohnJ 

Thank you so much for the connection. Not sure if I'm on that level yet but will definitely think about it.  Wildfires are okay.  Yes we recently had a fire about 10 miles from me that was difficult to contain.  Air quality hasn't been very good and inland is very very hot and dry (around 95+ degrees daily with nights at 75+ degrees).

However, I'll be hiking on the west side (Topanga Canyon) near the coast where it'll be more breezy and cooler. 🙂



That’s great thanks! Always looking for hiking friends. Love being in this community now. 
the fires are actually where I live and I was quite sick a couple weeks ago unable to breathe with dyspnea- I still managed to do a two day backpacking trip in Death Valley last weekend, (albeit at a very slow place between lung damage and insane heat even with highest altitudes), so that’s a plus.

I can’t get any outdoor time right now though due to the fact it’s really bad outside and at time even ashes kicking about. 
cant wait to train again soon though- headed to Yellowstone soon for some fresh air lol. 


Hi @xikwoketa! I'm in So-Cal but all the way in San Diego! If you don't find connections here, I have some other suggestions...if you haven't looked into it! 

I met my best hiking buddy via Facebook. We were both apart of a Community Group in the city we live in. She posted looking for a hiking partner and I responded . We are inseparable now! There must be a group in your area too!  I also recently joined a SD hiking group on Facebook and they post a lot of local hikes in my area. Then of course Meetup, tends to post a ton of hikes (and other activities). I haven't joined one but have heard great things!  

52 Hike Challenge is one of our National Partners (check them out on Instagram). They are based in the LA area, in the past they would do local hikes often but alas not right now due to COVID. Worth checking them out, keep in mind for when group hikes can happen and joining their challenge! 

Best of luck and I hope you find your hiking crew soon!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.