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If you could change one thing when it comes to using trails, what would it be? And why?

Hello from Big Bear, CA,

Long time REI member, but first time poster here (just discovered this). Just thought I’d introduce myself with a question and learn a little bit. Hope everyone is well!


- Andrew

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Is that corazon on the cover?

sorry about the tinnitus, hopefully we’ll get a remedy someday 

REI Member Since 1979


Yes…..That’s my girl….camping buddy….and portable security system.



Agreed with @Philreedshikes , I'm hopeful we'll have a remedy one day soon. I'm happy to hear you at least have those memories and Corazon by your side! Corazon has enough ears for us all 😄


1. those ubiquitous piles of TP/tissue that ladies seem to think it's ok to leave on the ground.  I guess this falls under the LNT umbrella, but I see this so much, I think some folks think this is the norm behavior and thus ok.

2. next pet peeve:  trail runners who rudely force the trail and their way through hikers/backpackers

REI Member Since 1979

1. Yeah, I hear you. Men too. I'm sure we've all those "alleys." I know LNT has online courses and what not, but I just can't see telling someone to go take a course. There's gotta be a better way. Proper signage perhaps? I'm not sure.

2. Agreed, that's just rude.. 


As others mentioned, lack of following LNT principles and basic trail etiquette are high on my list. My biggest trail etiquette pet peeve is when people don't leash their pets - I love dogs, but it can be terrifying when a large dog charges towards you and doesn't respond when called by it's human. 

I am right there with you @KelleyBeth! Unleashed dogs is a real pet peeve (no pun intended). I've heard stories and have had some close encounters with an untrained large dog. It's no joke. And I don't get it.. I usually do carry pepper spray for this reason. 

Same here. I hate to think of using pepper spray on an animal - especially since it's the human at fault and not the dog - but after having a huge barking pit jump on me and not back away until it's owner finally caught up and pulled it away, pepper spray became my eleventh essential. 

Biggest issue is that hikers and occasional snowmobilers will use cross country trails, effectively destroying them until the next grooming.  Next biggest, as many people already mentioned, is dog poo left in the middle of trails.

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