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Howdy from Richmond, Little Rhody!

Hello Everyone!  My name is Kyle and I am a  First Class Boy Scout.  I have a hunting dog of the breed Britney Spaniel, and I love to spend most of my outdoor adventures with him! My favorite activity is fishing, and unlike other people, I believe that the location of the Good Ole' Honey Hole should be shared with friends!  I will leave links to some stuff below.  I have speculated, and cannot decide what gear is my favorite, the Black Diamond Cosmo 250, or the MSR PocketRocket V.2. I believe that I am an experienced hiker, paddler, cyclist, and camper, and I am learning a lot about fishing, snowshoeing, Skiing and various types of Rock Climbing.  Since the New year was not too long ago, I shall leave a short outdoorsman bucket list of what I would kill to do this year.

1. Explore the Management areas around me to the point that I find the perfect bouldering rock.

2. Do 3 Black Diamond ski trails on a mountain.

3. Finish all fourty major Rhode island hikes with my friend, then finally complete the boss trail with him;the North/South Trail, ~73.3 miles, and a week trip.

4. Catch and cook a Rainbow and Golden trout.

5. Go on a Camping trip with Papa.


Honey Hole Location: 

MSR PocketRocket V.2: 

Black Diamond Cosmo 250: 


Kyle M |
Have a Great Day, and make your best adventure yet.
2 Replies

welcome Kyle!  I am a former BSA adult leader.  Congratulations on receiving your First Class!

I saw your post on rock climbing and recommend you sign up to work on the rock climbing merit badge before attempting to do anything of that nature by yourself.

I also recommend you looking into acquiring the BS Fieldbook (different from the handbook), it's written by the staff of philmont by world class climbers and mountaineers and has an excellent chapter on mountaineering and technical climbing.

good luck and be safe!

REI Member Since 1979

Thank you @Philreedshikes 

Much appreciated,


Kyle M |
Have a Great Day, and make your best adventure yet.