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Howdy Folks - From Outside the ATL

Hello Everyone,

I enjoy bicycling

I recently decided to keep an old Cannondale fitness bike - it shifts well, the brakes are fine, the frame, wheels, tires, and drivetrain are great - but - it was really not very comfortable.  So, I ordered pedals, saddle, and grips and those changes have been VERY helpful - much more comfy.

I have a very nice road bike but this old clunker is great for short trips (20-30 miles) and I burn more calories - who cares if it takes me a little longer to complete the trip?

I created a PDF that reviews the upgrades but I don't know how to upload that.

Thanks everyone,

Ride safe, ride often - stay hydrated! 🙂



2 Replies

Hi @Red_Sand - Welcome to the community!

With the project you just talked about, we think you'll fit right into the cycling crew here to discuss bikes, upgrades, rides, and more! Take a look around the cycling board and see if anything jumps out at you to add your stories or expertise on!

I love the thought on taking old clunkers out for shorter rides. Just last night I took my mountain bike on concrete after a ride in the woods to head through town to get dinner — the effort is so noticeable (and somehow entertaining?)!

It would be great to see your review of the upgrades. Since PDFs aren't a file type that can be uploaded as a photo here, could you take a screenshot of it and share that or open your PDF and export it as a JPG? Hopefully one of those works, as it would be great to see!

Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. We're excited you're here!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I just used the "Export" feature of my PDF browser to create these jpg files . . . I hope this works . . . Transformation, Phase One_Page_01.jpgTransformation, Phase One_Page_02.jpgTransformation, Phase One_Page_03.jpgTransformation, Phase One_Page_04.jpgTransformation, Phase One_Page_05.jpgTransformation, Phase One_Page_06.jpgTransformation, Phase One_Page_07.jpgTransformation, Phase One_Page_08.jpgTransformation, Phase One_Page_09.jpgTransformation, Phase One_Page_10.jpgTransformation, Phase One_Page_11.jpg