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Hello from VT! Alpine Touring partners?

I relocated to Southern Vermont from NYC thanks to WFH. I recently started up alpine touring and I'm looking for people to have some fun earning turns with. I've started with resort laps in Stratton and I'm dreaming of working my way up to a backcountry trip out west. The mountains are always more fun with friends

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Hi @kev_b - Welcome to the community! We're so glad you're here. I found your similar post over on the Snowsports board and responded with all of my suggestions for finding ski partners there. @WG did as well with a great tip!

Did you relocate to Vermont before winter? Do you have any other outdoor interests that you enjoy doing once the snow melts? I'm also living in Vermont and love to see activities shift so smoothly with the seasons here. Right now I'm skiing all the time, but already have eyes on my bike knowing that it will be the first activity to "open up" with spring weather. Climbing will come afterwards, then it will circle back around to being excited about snow!

There are a few other Vermonters here that may be able to weigh in about finding partners, things to do in southern Vermont, and more. @agentm23@lls5316@whit@Ekiefer - have any tips to share? 

Again, we're so happy to have you here. This is a great place to ask questions, share your own expertise, and tell the stories that come with it all. Welcome!

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