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Hello from Texas.

I live in Glen Rose, just south of Fort Worth. I am new to the backpacking community but have been an avid camper all my life. Just wanting to meet others that like to backpack, maybe get into a backpacking group. 

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Hi @Bearinthewoods - Welcome to the community! We are so glad you are here. Making the move into backpacking is a fun process and you should be able to find lots of information on the subject on our backpacking board

I don't live there anymore, but spent many years in Texas with many backpacking trips along the way and know you have many great opportunities nearby. The Texas State Park System is impressive beyond measure, with Caprock Canyons being my personal favorite. I am going to tag some fellow Texans to see if they can weigh in with any advice on locations or groups for backpackers to meet. The Dallas-Fort Worth board in our community is also a great place to reach out, ask location specific questions, and connect with other locals!

@Texas3agle @Bushcraft_Vega @trails @ADivineCanine @Inbar @Anapqvd @JoJo13 @DogScout1 - do any of you all have any tips to share? 

We're excited to both share expertise and learn from you in the conversations ahead. Once again, welcome to the community!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I might have to take back some of the ugly things I've said about my home state parks after reading @REI-CarterC and checking out the state park web sites.

That said, my information is obviously out dated, having been drafted in 1971 and spending 4 yrs studying my rear off at Texas A&M and leaving the state in 1978.

It seems the park development really took off in the late 70's/early 80's, and without the internet, who knew!?

The only place I could find information on in the 70's was Big Bend, and was one hell of drive from Dallas, then Ft Hood, then College Station!

So Kudos! to the great State of Texas for finally getting around to making some parks.

Did you know that Texas was the only other state besides the 13 original colonies to enter the union owning all it's own land?

Anyway, @Bearinthewoods , if you are just getting into backpacking, congratulations! I will be glad to mentor you, being a fellow Texan and all.  I can help you, I think.  I will pm you.

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