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Hello from Southern California

Love the outdoors and this community.  Been an REI member through my parents when it was a mail order catalog.  Couldn't wait to pour through that catalog at all the cool stuff.  Now sharing my love with my family and children who love to camp and now also backpack with me.  So blessed.  I look forward to reading 10623532_355571331280415_4769972448538012789_o - Copy.jpgyour stories.  

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Thanks for the introduction! What an great photo, thank you for sharing. By my count that looks like two adults and five kids about to head out on an adventure, those are challenging odds for the adults! Which one are you in the photo?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I am the one with the bill of his hat being lifted probably about 13 yrs old.  One of my sisters to the left (the youngest hadn't been born yet), my father and mother, my younger brother (#9) and two friends.  I think this is at Mosquito Flat trailhead in the Eastern Sierra getting ready to head up Rock Creek trail likely to Chickenfoot Lake.  I am guessing about 1971/72 or so.  


Agreed my mom and dad were saints to take us on that trip.  As my mom still says, it's her one and only backpacking trip.  Though she did make my dad's down bag and our two person tent from Frostline Kits we bought through REI.  She also said she would never sew another tent as well!


Welcome @Fournwi ! I'm a SoCal guy myself (Carlsbad). 

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