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Hello from Portland Oregon

I love to spend time outdoors  camping and hiking. I'm looking forward to working on plein air watercolor while on hikes this year. I'd love to find  a group to do some hiking and painting .

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Hi @RichChabot - Welcome to the community! We're happy to have you here.

We suggest taking a look over at our Portland Area board, where you will find other locals talking about plans and places to go around Oregon. We are hopeful some other community members from Portland respond here, either looking to hike and paint as well or with suggestions for finding groups in the area.

@Bryanne@bryndsharp@POCOPAM@ONDA-Caelin@jmoss@flipsterjoe@FlyRideMike - do you all have any recommendations to pass along for finding hiking partners around Portland?

With the stunning landscapes all around Oregon, I imagine your watercolors are gorgeous. If you're keen on sharing, we'd love for you to upload one of them so we can all see. 

Thanks for taking the time to reach out and introduce yourself. We hope this community will be a great place for you to ask questions, share stories (and artwork!), and connect with others!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@RichChabot welcome! I spent Summer 2018 near Portland - it's a beautiful area! If you have Facebook, I would recommend this group for finding hiking buddies: (20+) PortlandHikers | Facebook. Do you have any favorite hikes / camping spots near Portland?

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