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Hello from Minneapolis, MN

Hi all!  I'm Tony from Prior Lake, MN just south of the Twin Cities near the Flagship Bloomington REI.  I'm a lifelong kayaker, backpacker, and obsessive camper.  I'm a proud Eagle Scout and currently have two young and amazing girls.  I'm getting to the point where I will be heading back into the wilderness for some adventure after a hiatus for my family.  I'm in the middle of upgrading much of my aging camping equipment and am enjoying the journey along the way.  I have a week-long 70 mile kayak trip along the Cloquet River in Northern MN in Mid-June, which I'm insanely excited about.  I'm reuniting with old scouting friends and we're all excited to get back into the woods.  We'll be primarily using our respective hammock shelters, but I'm a little weary of the tree and site conditions so I'm currently shopping for a new Ultralight Backpacking tent as backup (My 2012 REI Quarter Dome is at end of life).  I'm pretty excited about the new Sea to Summit Telo tent offering, so hoping to pick this up before the trip, if not it will likely be the Nemo Dagger 2.  Happy Trails all!

Keep Calm and Paddle On
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Hi @KayakTony - Welcome to the community!

It's great to hear about some of the plans you have lined up. Your upcoming kayak trips sounds incredible! You might enjoy taking a look at the thread titled Any kayak campers out there?. If you want to, that would be a fun place to share a story about some of your past kayaking trips and see what others have posted.

This community is full of people who enjoy talking about plans and gear. We look forward to learning from the expertise you share, answering your questions, and exchanging stories about all of the exciting trips ahead.

Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. We're glad you're here!

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