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Hello from middle Tennessee

I've enjoyed the outdoors in many forms over the years,  in the past few I have started hiking. My current plan is to finish the Georgia portion of the AT this year,  retire at the end of the year and complete the AT in 2022. 

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Hi @Hikerchuck - Welcome to the community! 

We are glad you have joined us here. It's great to hear about your longtime enjoyment of the outdoors and that you have made some exciting plans for the AT! You will find there are many other people here that share your enthusiasm for hiking. The TennesseeHiking and Backpacking boards will be great places for you to look around and see if there are any conversations you want to join in on or to start your own.

You may also want to join our brand new Appalachian Trail Hikers Group. It is perfect place to to ask questions, discuss plans, and tell stories about that famed trail!

We're happy to have you here. Welcome!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.
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