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Hello from Michigan

When i visit my sister in Montana, all we do is hike and kayak.  I spend more time in Michigan and want to hike and kayak just as much here!  Anyone else in the area that has some fun hiking areas?  

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Hi @FieldEdge - Welcome to the community! 

Hiking and kayaking in Montana sounds amazing, though it's also amazing that you're looking to get out more at home in Michigan too. You might find some fun suggestions over on our Michigan board, where similar questions have been asked in the past. 

We also hope some other community members from the area will be able to share their favorite spots too. @LvtheMtns@Keviin@Escape2Nature@Gidonj@CarlR@Dad_Aint_Hip - do y'all have any hiking or kayaking suggestions to share? 

There are lots of interesting discussions happening about hiking and kayaking all the time here. We hope that you find some great information while looking around and also start your own conversation if you have a fun story to share or questions to ask. 

Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. We're happy that you're here!

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LP, right? Show me the hand! Gotta know where you stand.

If it was UP, you wouldn't have to ask. Abundant outside.

Hello and welcome!  I'm actually in MN, but spend a lot of time hiking and kayaking the Western UP.  We have a small shack on Superior just West of Ontonagon.  The Porcupine Mountains is a wonderful spot and fairly light impact.  I love talking UP!UP Beach Fire.jpgUP WF.jpgUP Paddle.jpg

Keep Calm and Paddle On

Hello and welcome!

I don't have much to add other than I'm a huge fan of Manistee NF. Some great day hiking as well as overnights.

Also, the trails in the Ludington State Park are a lot of fun - have done multiple day hikes through there.

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