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Hello From Metro-Detroit!

Hi all! 

I was encouraged to officially introduce myself on here.  I'm not entirely sure what to say--hehe, I feel like it's a first day of class introduction all over again.  

Let's see.  Never was much of an active child despite my failed attempts at volleyball, cross-country, and track.  As I recall, the only gym activity I really enjoyed was archery.  Haha. 

Wasn't super active in undergrad & definitely not in law school.  It wasn't until several years ago that I discovery cycling.  I really need to get my bike out of hibernation right about now. 

I've always loved exploring though.  My parents did well to take us out on random trips and give us a summer family vacation each year.  Although I'm not the international traveler that some of my friends (and Bumble dates, lol) are, I'm striving to head in that direction. 

One thing that I've loved since I was a kid (thanks in part to my Mom) is exploring our beautiful lakes, forests, and parks.  We weren't a camping/backpacking kind of family--and honestly, camping still isn't my thing.  However, I do like hiking.  One of my friends from Marquette, Michigan has helped me discover that, if you will.  I'd like to be able to explore that interest a little further in the coming years.  My trip to Yosemite while I was out in California back in February was nothing short of AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL.  I was a slowpoke, but it was wonderful.  I'd like to do more of that whether on my own or with another.  

I guess that's me for now!  🙂  Stay safe, all. 

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@chip88angel welcome, welcome! Thanks for introducing yourself and adding to our "somewhat new" online community!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@chip88angel Welcome to the forum! Cheers!