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Hello from Maryland!

Hey!  Since I'm new here I figure I should let you know some things about me.  

I'm pretty much a camp-a-holic, with a heavy focus on tent camping with all the things that make camp great, like s'mores supplies, a good knife, and some friends to make weird marshmallow slathered faces at across the campfire. I'm also interested in, and have learned some wilderness survival skills, out of what little I know, fire is my favorite. My close second is shelter building, but I still need to learn much more of that. I also like to hike any chance I get with a tall freshly dead sapling I found, whittled off the rotting bits, and am now slowly embellishing it as I find cool nature stuff. 

Even though the reality of being in a survival situation might not be fun, I love learning about relevant techniques especially for the eastern seaboard since I don't expect to be travelling anywhere else anytime soon for obvious reasons. I'm also open to humor, fun suggestions for planned tent camping trips, bringing dogs along for planned trips, and any host of other subjects.  I try to be open minded. I might not always succeed, but I try. 

There's not a lot to me other than the fact I would rather be outdoors than anywhere close to an office.  I may be small but that doesn't stop me from anything. Anything else you're wondering about, just ask.  

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Thank you for the introduction, it's great to meet you! We encourage you to check out the Maryland board and connect with some more of our small but mighty group of Marylanders! 

We'll tag @Rob6 @sb4700 @jnophoto as they are also in Maryland.


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