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Hello from Lyme disease central in NE PA

My name is Steven. I live in rural Northeast PA. Bad tick summer. I and 3 of my friends are being treated for Lyme disease. 

This is still a beautiful place. I love kayaking on the creek near my house and playing ping pong and volleyball with friends.

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Hi @StevenF - Welcome to the community!

Eesh! I'm sorry to hear you and your friends have all dealt with a bad tick summer. I'm up in Vermont and we have them bad up here too. Fingers crossed you finish this season without any more issues!

As a kid I lived in Gettysburg for a while, though never got out on kayaks while there. Pennsylvania is a gorgeous state and I've always really enjoyed my time there. Do you have any favorite places to get out into nature, either in PA or elsewhere? 

It's amazing to hear you are able to kayak by your house — and ping pong and volleyball sound like great fun! If you are keen to share your stories, expertise, or questions, the watersports board might be a good place to start a conversation, as well as the various Pennsylvania boards. We also suggest browsing the different boards and seeing if any existing conversations seem like good ones to join in on. It would be fun to hear from you!

Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. We're happy you're here!


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hoping for a full recovery!

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Hello @StevenF !  Wow, that bites....good luck!

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