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Hello from Baltimore

Hi I'm Sarah!  I'm excited that spring is coming so it's easier to get outside!  While I had fun on some cold weather hikes, my favorite weather is when you can wear shorts and t-shirts. 

Hope to take a trip to Asheville via the Blue Ridge Parkway this year.  I love it when all of the mountain laurel is in bloom.  After a day of hiking, it's fun to check out the craft brew scene in Asheville and other small towns along the way.

Who's ready to bike this spring?  I know I am 🙂 Some of my favorite biking trails include the NCR Trail, the B&A Trail, and the BWI Trail.  

Hope to see you online and outdoors as well!

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Hi Sarah - Welcome to the community!

Thanks so much for sharing what you love about getting outdoors. It made me excited just reading it! The Blue Ridge Parkway is such a special route. When I went on my first solo cross country road trip in college driving that road shaped a large part of my itinerary! 

It's great to hear that you're excited about cycling. You will find a lot of fellow bike enthusiasts here in the community. We certainly recommend taking a look at the Cycling board, which is a great place to pose your questions as well as share your own stories and expertise! I'm personally getting very excited for biking as well, with Vermont's Green Mountain gravel roads my favorite place to ride. Do you spend most of your time riding on road, gravel, or in the mountains? 

We're excited you're here and look forward to exchanging stories, plans, and advice going forward!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Great tip on the Cycling board.  I ride mostly paved or crushed gravel trails.  I just took my first ride for the season yesterday on the B&A trail near Annapolis MD!  It's a paved rail trail that rides through neighborhoods, past old stations and little cafe's.  Vermont's Green Mountains are wonderful for hiking too!  A while back I did a wellness vacation at New Life Hiking Spa near Killington, VT. It was early October and rainbow of fall colors while just amazing.

@sb4700 hey Sarah, welcome to our online community! I'm definitely looking forward to spring - in fact, I just jumped on a ferry with my bike on Saturday and rode around Lopez Island in the San Juans - it was amazing! Keep us posted on your adventures this spring/summer - @REI-JanaeF may have some tips for Asheville!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@REI-JenK Your bike trip in the San Juan Islands sounds wonderful.  I visited that area years ago and  hiked through old growth forest with tree trunks so large, it made people standing next to them look very small.  We also did the ferry over to Victoria, checking out the whales along the way.  Hope to visit that area again sometime. 


Cool to hear from Baltimore! I live in western MD now, but that is my city!!! (18 years lols) I will be exploring Gambrills-Greenbriar-Cunningham and further this year. Can't wait to hear about your travels.

Hi @sb4700 !Oh my God!  I thought I was the only one from the central Maryland area!  Nice to "meet" you, and welcome to the Community! And with your affinity for craft brews, it sounds like that's not the only thing we have in common.

I hail from Harford County, and ride the NCR trail pretty frequently.  Closer to home I have the Ma & Pa Trail through Bel Air.  I've also ridden the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail in PA, the C&D Canal Trail in Cecil County, the Lehigh Gorge Trail and the abandoned section of the PA Turnpike in Breezewood, PA.  I haven't tried the BWI or B&A yet, but plan on it...maybe this summer.

I also try to get in at least one day-hike every week, and kayak as well.

And, in case you are looking for some local craft beers in great settings, around here we have several really cool craft breweries and farm breweries.  Independent Brewing, Inverness Brewing, Big Truck Brewing, Falling Branch Brewing and Hopkins Farm Brewing.

Feel free to DM me if you'd like any recommendations, directions, or anything.


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Nice to meet you @Rob6!  Thanks for all the recommendations!  I've not been up your way as much, but that gives me some great options for this summer!  The BWI is a nice varied loop trail through neighborhoods, parks, and airport operations areas.  I like it best on the weekends when traffic is lower since there are a few major road crossings.  

I was just at Inverness last weekend!  I love being able to sit outside on the farm, listen to the music, drink all the different beers and just watch people.  Looking forward to being able to do more of that now that the weather is warmer.  Hope to see you out there!