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Hello and Introduction from Md.

I am a long time member of REI but I am new to Conversations. I am 57 years old and try to be active everyday. My main activities are biking usually doing over 2000 miles every year (road, mountain, bike paths). I recently bought a gravel bike and did the GAP trail. I stayed in lodging for this trip but I am learning about bikepacking and acquiring the bags for possible move into camping while cycling. Hoping to do the C&O and other paths in the near future. I do day hikes on my own or with others or with local hiking clubs and have done some backpacking in local areas.  I have section hiked the AT from Georgia to slightly above Duncannon, PA ( I do have a small gap in Virginia of 24 miles) .   

I would like to meet others who have the goal of completing the AT. I haven't backpacked much the last couple of years due to Covid and time constaints. I have gone alone on the AT (usually not for very long because I have met others that I sometimes have hiked with again) but prefer to backpack with someone else. I would also like to meet others for possible bike trips like the C&O. 

I am interested to see where this REI Conversations takes me. I hope I can be of help to others on here with their activities.         

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Welcome to the community!

We have a strong contingent of folks here from Maryland so you're in good company! @Rob6 @Forest_Fever_11 @Schmidty are also in Maryland. We encourage you to check out our Maryland board as well as our DC Area board to take a look at conversations happening there. Additionally, it sounds like you'd appreciate being a part of our Appalachian Trail Hikers group and our Bikepackers group  as well.

We're glad you're here!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi JohnJ

Thanks for the welcome. Thank you for the guidance and I will look into those groups soon.


Thanks for the shout-out @REI-JohnJ .  And welcome to Conversations @Dave5 .

Sounds like you've got a good start on things already.  I'm not in a position to even consider a lengthy AT trip right now, but wanted to welcome a fellow Marylander to the discussions.

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Hello Rob6,

Thanks for the welcome. 

I am open to short trips on the AT. A long day hike or a 2 day with a overnight works as well. Keep me in mind if/when you are in a better position in the future. 

Thanks again.