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Greetings from Nevada (and Virginia) 👋🏾

Hello everyone. New to Virginia. Just moved here from Nevada. The mountains And hiking there is  top notch, lots of elevation. Looking to see what Virginia has to offer. 

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Welcome to the community! 

We're glad you're here! You'll find that there is a very strong contingent in the community from Virginia: @Mark5150 @JoeJoseph @CoastToCoast @Hiking-Chef @CajunHiker @lnl555 @Philreedshikes @MKS @Sarah82 to name a few. I wanted to point out the Virginia board in our Local Happenings section of the community. Feel free to check it out. Don't be surprised if we tag you for your local knowledge of Nevada and Virginia!

Again, welcome and thanks for joining the community!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hey @BigChefNy.


Welcome to Virginia!! I'm not sure what part of VA you are located, but there is much to do hiking/camping wise.  I've been here for 18 years now.  I've hiked a lot of the State Parks (23 to be exact).  There are so many good ones (Grayson Highlands, James River, Fairy Stone); just to name a few.

There are several of us here that can offer some "local" assistance if you need.   Phil (@Philreedshikes)   has some awesome info and does a lot of hiking/camping.  I've not been able to go out with Phil yet.  Hopefully, 2021 will let me do so!

I'm in the Richmond area.  If you want a hiking/camping buddy, send me a message!!!


im in chesapeake 

@BigChefNy welcome to our online community! I spent a few years in/around the Williamsburg and NoVa areas, which is where I fell in love with backpacking! We've got some active community members where you now are, plus REI stores in both Richmond and VA Beach, not to mention a few around NoVa. Let us know if you discover any great outdoor places to play and don't hesitate to reach out with questions as well!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

thanks for the feedback jen.

Also looking for areas where I can road bike. something with nice scenery, little or no vehicles . in or around the Chesapeake / Virginia beach area.

Hello @BigChefNy 

Welcome to Hampton Roads! You have a few options for road biking here.

First, The Great Dismal Swamp Canal Trail is probably the closest to you. This is a 16 mile out and back paved trail that is completely protected from vehicles. While we don’t have many hills to climb, that headwind on the way back to the start will get your heart pumping! There is a good amount of history here as well to check out.

Another great riding spot is in Norfolk on the Elizabeth River Trail(ERT). This is a 10 mile trail that weaves along the River through all the urban communities in downtown Norfolk. This is a more casual riding trail with a lot of pedestrians, you aren’t going to be able to get up to full speed for very long. However, there are many great restaurants and parks along this trail to stop and enjoy. If you are feeling brave to hit the road and get a hill, you can connect to the Jordan bridge and ride over to Portsmouth then ride the ferry back to Norfolk. Or just go over it twice to get some hill repeats in!

Finally, if you have some more time to drive across the river into Jamestown/Williamsburg you can get on the Virginia Capitol Trail(Cap Trail). By far, the best road riding spot. It is completely paved and protected from vehicles for 51 miles. It stretches from the Jamestown settlement to downtown Richmond. It’s definitely worth the drive!

If you are interested in meeting other road riders there are a some groups that lead social and group rides, where you could learn the areas that are a bit safer on the road. In Virginia Beach, Contes and Fat Frogs lead group rides with varying levels and distances. In Norfolk, social cycling Norfolk and Bike Norfolk each have very active Facebook groups.

Have fun and hope we can see you in the Virginia Beach store!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@BigChefNy Which part of Chesapeake are you in? It's such an oddly laid out city, but I have lived here for about 29 of my 32 years, and know a couple of hidden gems!

Welcome to the mid-Atlantic region, and to the Community @BigChefNy !

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