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Greetings from...everywhere

Hello!  So excited to read that REI started this platform.  What a great opportunity to connect over similar interests.

I'm fulfilling a 20 year old dream and traveling around the US - camping and hiking and exploring as I go.  I packed up my Subaru Outback nearly 2 months ago.  I was quickly reminded that I was a novice when it comes to Mother Nature, but we are getting along well as long as I remain very flexible...and the REI staff continue to help with my surprises.

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Hi @Rentzm - Welcome to the community! What a great title for your post!

It's amazing to hear that you're in the midst of fulfilling such a big dream. I was lucky enough to spend a good amount of time living on-the-road myself and agree that flexibility is such a huge part of staying content and happy out there. Where have you been able to explore during the first two months of your trip? 

A new thread was started today titled "Calling All Vanlifers - What's your Setup?" and it would be fun if you shared what your Subaru Outback system is!

You have come to a great place to ask all of your questions and share the expertise you learn along the way. We're happy you're here! 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thanks @REI-CarterC !  I'll definitely check out that conversation.

I've spent the past month in Montana.  Headed to warmer weather soon.

Congrats on your super-cool adventure!

I think the key is having the best sleeping bag and be creative when it comes to eating 🍝

I spent a few 6 to 8 weeks every year in the mountains, often not seeing humans for days... bathing and cooking from mountain streams. The longest we went (5 of us in our late teens/early 20s) 100% in nature - no campgrounds, no nothing - was 3 weeks.  We brought cans, potatoes, carrots, sugar, etc., and I cooked every day, just making up stuff... and boy oh boy, did everyone loved my cooking (though, my cousin did mention that "if my mother put this in front of me, I would have never eaten it, but here in the mountains it tastes like gourmet food" 😁)


Ah... great memories.

Enjoy... and, yes, keep adapting... keep learning.

(I used to read everything I could on outdoor survival; now you have YouTube too 🙂 )

That sounds fantastic, enjoy the ride




Kyle M |
Have a Great Day, and make your best adventure yet.

What a great adventure!! 


Hello @Rentzm - good for you! One only lives once...your trip is inspiring me to cross the country to see my ski bum relative in Lake Tahoe.  Any tips you've learned so far in dealing with Mother Nature?

I’m sorry I’m so late getting back to you.  If you’ve already taken the trip, hope it was amazing.  Let me know if you are looking for tips and I’ll be more responsive.

No biggie. Turns out I went to Chattanooga instead. If u head out to Tahoe let me bro is well connected out there and can help w/ ur itinerary.  
Yeah I’d be interested her hearing what tips U’ve learned in ur travels.