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Greetings :) (from a NC runner, hiker and photographer)

50th Anniversary Earth Day 202050th Anniversary Earth Day 2020Hey REI Commuinty,

I’m from the coast of NC and grew up keeping myself occupied as an only child... many of those days were spent outside. Now that I live inland, I’ve discovered I enjoy the outdoors even more as an adult. I’ve been an outside runner for 25 years, I love hiking and camping, and nature photography. My favorite piece of gear (just one?!?) would be my white adidas hat I always wear when it’s time for an adventure. Nice to meet y’all! 😄 

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@kanga311 Hello and welcome! I also enjoy nature photography. I have recently become a citizen scientist with the Los Angeles Natural history Museum and send some of my photos to them. 

Hello @HikingMema, that sounds very cool! How does one become a citizen scientist? I could geek out with that 😄


Most of the citizen science (also known as community science) I do is through the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. I am a member and I get emails with their projects listed. You can also google citizen scientist and you can find projects with the Audubon Society, NASA, National Geographic... Recently I helped to count the Painted Lady Butterflies migrating through our area. If you have a natural history museum or science museum, check out their website.


Welcome to the Community @kanga311 ! Thanks for introducing yourself!  I was just reminiscing today about my time spent in NC two years ago.

My mother is originally from Asheville and we did a road trip there. What a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors!!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi @REI-AlyS! Come on back to visit any time! Asheville has the best restaurants... once they reopen 😅

@kanga311 I think about my Biscuit Head breakfast quite a bit!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

We have yet to visit Biscuithead, but just looking at the website... 😱😱😱


@kanga311 I totally agree! We do have some amazing restaurants. I can't wait for a date night at The Admiral or some huevos rancheros at Sunny Point !

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Making plans is a healthy thing to do right now... especially when it comes to sharing a great meal 😋