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Working/hiking in TX woods during Summer. Recommend products 2 help keep safe from snake bites?

It seems like everything I come across in terms of coveralls, bibs, gaiters, whatever is geared towards cooler weather. What's a good way to keep my ankles and maybe a little higher from snake bites but also stay comfortable as possible in the punishing heat of TX during the summer? I'll be clearing out acres for at least the next few months. Thanks.

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Thanks for reaching out!

It sounds like you've got quite the project ahead of you! Unfortunately, none of the products we sell come rated for snake bites. We did have another conversation here in the community around this topic, check out Ideas for gaiters similar for brush and snakes. We're not sure if @Megan ever found a solution but perhaps they can share if they did!

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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wide brim hat, long sleeve light or white colored shirt (to reflect the sun), sun screen, plenty of water, bandana (to wipe sweat/face), sun glasses, good thick pair of lace up leather boots.  Depending on the work, jeans or shorts, good set of leather gloves...electrolytes in the water.

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