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Women's Hiking shoes with a wide toe box

Please help! What is the best women's low hiking shoe with a wide toe box? I've tried Merrills and Keens and they both give me blisters on my toes. I've heard Oboz are good. Any opinions out there? Thanks!

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Hi @ellenmguenette - Thanks for reaching out! 

It is difficult to give precise shoe recommendations without seeing your feet. If possible, we suggest going to your local REI to try shoes on in-person or scheduling a free virtual outfitting appointment to talk through your fit with one of our footwear specialists.

There are some brands that have designed their shoes with a wider toe box in mind. We suggest taking a look at the following:

For me, I often put holes in my shoes around the pinky toe, so I seek a wider toe box too. My current trail shoes are the Altra Lone Peak 5s and their fit works really well for me.

@kathyrb@sejaggi@nicuron, and @Rosemary - you all have mentioned wearing Oboz boots or wide toe boxes before. Do you have any suggestions to pass along?

Hopefully this helps!

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Your best bet is to go to a store and get a fitting. REI stores are great for doing this and they're a lot of help.


I have narrow heels, wide forefoot, & weak ankles that need support. Oboz work for me but you’ve gotta go to REI & try them out. Different models different fits. Also I vary size from model to model. 


I personally like Altra. My toes have never been so happy.