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What's your ideal daypack?

Would love to know people's thoughts on the ideal day pack. What's the pack that you grab the most often and what features are a must?

I switch between a 3L hydration vest that holds 2L of water and has some room for an extra layer and lunch and a 24L pack for longer hikes when I need more food or layer options but sometimes wish I had something in-between. 

2 Replies

I love my Gregory Maya 16 for day hikes, it holds rain coat, first aid, water, lunch with a zipper that expands to add more hiking favorites.


I use the Osprey Tempest 20 and love it. It's really lightweight, holds everything I need for a day (even with all the extra layers in winter), and has a comfortable hip belt. I've also owned Gregory and Deuter packs and the Osprey Tempest is by far my favorite.