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What's your favorite hiking trail and why?

What's your favourite hiking trail and why?

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@Serenity_Luna San Miguel Island (Channel Islands National Park) Cuyler Harbor to Point Bennett.  The trail traverses the length of this island, offering a variety of vistas and ending at a pinniped rookery with usually a population of 50,000 critters.miles away, you hear them before you see them.  Sounds like Dodger Stadium.  We all remember what DS used to sound like, don't we?

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@Serenity_Luna such a fun question! My favorite hike is Cascade Pass in the North Cascades in WA. It's deep in the mountains, with amazing scenery; it's hard but rewarding the whole way through.

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@Serenity_Luna East Coaster here. The Virginia State Parks has great trails that are a lot fun.  

@Serenity_Luna The one I'm currently on!😀

I love finding new, remote trails where I'm in tune with nature.  

But I also love climbing my local mountain (which I do at least once a month) and seeing it in different clothing each time I do it.  Wearing white, green, brown, and yellow changing with the seasons.  It's now an old friend and we have deep conversations as my lungs struggle to find the air they need, and then we laugh together as I run back down and cross the river, giving my dog a swim before heading home.

But, a more concrete answer would be the Colorado Trail through the Sawatch Range.  Or the Continental Divide Trail in the same area.  Shucks!  I can't choose.

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@Serenity_Luna A Sierra Trek I put together for two different Boy Scout Troops about 5 years apart.  Starts at Mineral King on the west side of the Sierra.  Up over Franklin Pass and down to the Kern River.  Head north to the Hot Springs.  Then follow the High Sierra Trail back west to Bear Paw, through the Ansel Adams Wilderness.  And turn south from there to head out over Timber Gap.  A side trip to do a scramble up Eagle Scout Peak along the way was magical.  Both trips were fantastic, but the first one was with a group of kids and adults that just clicked from the minute we loaded up in the cars.  I think our trip came out to about 70 miles in 8 days.  And the trail head entering is about 30 vertical feet higher than the ending trail head.  So the promise to the boys that the trip was mostly downhill held true.

@Serenity_Luna My favorite trail is Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, a 70 south-north mile trail in southwest Pennsylvania that follows the Laurel Ridge from Ohiopyle to near Johnstown. I have been hiking it since 1975, before it officially opened.  But my favorite hiking areas are West Virginia's Dolly Sods Wilderness and Otter Creek Wilderness. There are lots of trails there for circuit hikes. Why? I have an emotional attachment to all three. Lots of adventures there have left me with many fond memories.


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@Serenity_Luna On the right-coast, Dolly Sods and/or Grayson Highlands area, 3rd place, Roan Highlands area, NC. Currently in 4th place, Seneca Creek, WV due to numerous waterfalls.  The common theme here is 'not in a tree tunnel'.

In the middle, anywhere in the Bridger Wilderness, Wy; Maroon Bells 4 pass loop in Co, or Weminuche wilderness, CO.

On the Left Coast, it would have be the JMT, 2nd place, anywhere in the Sierra.

Canyon and arch hikes in Utah, or 'slick rock' hikes like the Boulder Mail Trail in the Grand Staircase Escalante, are absolutely fabulous!

Oh gee, can't forget the Grand Canyon, hmm, that area ties as my first place favorite.

So many places, running out of time.

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@Serenity_Luna Hi,  my favorite trail is Whiting Ranch. It has it all. You immediately descend into tree canopy, often a small stream running, gorgeous rock formations. 
your hike can be easy if you just head to Red Rock which transports you to Mars like cliffs or you be strenuous and ascend Mustard Trail to a viewpoint of Red Rock and Saddkeback Mountain. 
move seen deer, bobcat, rattlesnakes, acorn woodpeckers. More. 
downside, we’ll traveled trail. Pesky mountain bikers. 


Actually, it is the one in front of you that you are going to traverse for the first time.

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