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What is the best way to waterproof Timberland boots?

I bought Timberland waterproof boots, but they are not waterproof. Would you recommend bear-greasing them? thanks 


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@conybeare Thanks for reaching out!

Can you provide us a bit more detail on the boots you are referencing? Were the boots waterproof and they are no longer? Were they not waterproof in the first place? Did you intend to order a waterproof pair? Which model of boots did you order?

If you need to apply a waterproof spray to your boots we recommend a product like Nikwax Fabric and Leather Waterproofing Spray for Footwear

Also, we removed your order number from your post to protect your privacy.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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@conybeare, my 'technique' is, using either a can of sno-seal or mink oil,  take two fingers into the can and wipe a fair size 'dollop' of the stuff directly onto the boot surface and liberally smear it on.

Works terrific for me.  Some folks will use a hair dryer to warm up the gunk and let it soak in a bit.

It's a bit of a messy process and you certainly don't want anything to touch the boots until you put them on at the beginning of the hike, but this really works.

good luck!

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I find that mink oil works very well. 🙂

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