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What goals have you accomplished?

I'm wondering what big outdoor goals people have accomplished.  It's fresh on my mind because...

Today I climbed the last two summits in my county (Chaffee County, CO).  164 summits with 300' rise, and I've now done them all.  It was a many year quest, as most had no trails and some required backpacking in to the base.  

The most interesting was a small knob of 9082' with 462' rise.  We circumnavigated it finally finding the weakness and it took all of 5 minutes to climb from there.

The most challenging was today's climb of Ice Mountain (13,951) and North Apostle Mountain (13,860).  I'd been intimidated for years by the class 3 ridge and exposure, but it ended up being really fun.  The challenging part was the mile long 2000' vertical talus field with refrigerator sized boulders that moved when weighted.  The ridge and crux were mostly solid rock and I felt very comfortable on what had freaked me out the most before the climb.

That's how life is, isn't it?  Our fears can keep us up at night and often become very benign in reality.  And then things that we think are a cakewalk test our limits and resolve.

What made this more intimidating is that two weeks ago a 60 yo man fell from this ridge and perished.  I'm 63 so that weighed on me.  I was prepared to turn around at any point if I didn't feel comfortable, even at the crux which was 100' from the summit of Ice Mtn.  Age has mellowed me.  I still like to summit, but it's not the most important thing.  Getting home is.

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@stinemarie @Dad_Aint_Hip , congrats to you both! I have also, over the last few years, lost weight, 90 lbs from my original 264 (ouch), and while I've always done a fair amount of hiking, I've found it so much easier at the lower weight. I never would have considered the 151 mile thru hike that I have planned for November, but now I don't see any problem with my 10 day window to get it done. I feel much better, I'm sure it's because I eat much better and get more exercise, and even though I'm pushing 60 I still feel motivated to try for longer trails.

That is inspiring!  Looking forward to hearing about the hike when the time comes!


Edit to my original post:  There are actually 164 summits in Chaffee County.

Moderators - is there a way to edit posts?



I got it fixed for you, thanks!

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