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What goals have you accomplished?

I'm wondering what big outdoor goals people have accomplished.  It's fresh on my mind because...

Today I climbed the last two summits in my county (Chaffee County, CO).  164 summits with 300' rise, and I've now done them all.  It was a many year quest, as most had no trails and some required backpacking in to the base.  

The most interesting was a small knob of 9082' with 462' rise.  We circumnavigated it finally finding the weakness and it took all of 5 minutes to climb from there.

The most challenging was today's climb of Ice Mountain (13,951) and North Apostle Mountain (13,860).  I'd been intimidated for years by the class 3 ridge and exposure, but it ended up being really fun.  The challenging part was the mile long 2000' vertical talus field with refrigerator sized boulders that moved when weighted.  The ridge and crux were mostly solid rock and I felt very comfortable on what had freaked me out the most before the climb.

That's how life is, isn't it?  Our fears can keep us up at night and often become very benign in reality.  And then things that we think are a cakewalk test our limits and resolve.

What made this more intimidating is that two weeks ago a 60 yo man fell from this ridge and perished.  I'm 63 so that weighed on me.  I was prepared to turn around at any point if I didn't feel comfortable, even at the crux which was 100' from the summit of Ice Mtn.  Age has mellowed me.  I still like to summit, but it's not the most important thing.  Getting home is.

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Congratulation on your accomplishment! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us here in the community, it is a perspective that we all can benefit from.


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@johnt In 2011 I kayaked the inside passage (a stretch of water from Ketchikan Alaska, to Skagway, about 350 miles) in about 21 days. After dreaming about doing it for a decade, and letting lots of fear get in my way, in 2009 I finally decided it was time. I spent 18 months planning and getting ready. Without a doubt the sections that previous trip reports said were the hardest, were a piece of cake. But several sections that no one mentioned had some really challenging currents, and waves. The things you worry about rarely are the actual problems! Also, once you complete a trip like that, you realize how easy it is to do big, epic trips. That hard part is say "let's go!" Congrats on your two climbs, now, what's next?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@johnt  Goals that I have accomplished so far in life...I am 46 years young so hopefully I can achieve more..


Served in the U.S. Navy

Got scuba certified, went further and am now a scuba instructor. 

Ridden most of the Blue Ridge Parkway on my bike(motorcycle).

Kayaked 30 miles in one day(in a 10' cheap Pelican SOT) yes it was a painful chore. Hehe


Have many more goals.

My interest in the outdoors has ben reinforced by my career in the NPS, where often enough my abilities in technical climbing and rigging, as well as general outdoor capability, have been useful .

now in retirement, it is nice  that the things that interested you during your career still hold their fascination.  Lifee is good!!

The Blue Ridge is a super challenging ride, well done! And 30 miles in a Pelican SOT? Im a long distance kayaker, but.... no thanks!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I guess the biggest goal that I've achieved lately is that I am actually getting outside and being active.

Last Summer, at the tender age of 50, I found myself pushing 300 pounds. I never actually hit it but I was close enough that rounding up to 300 wouldn't have been a stretch.

Between eating properly and a helluva lot of walking I have, as of this morning, lost 80 pounds. I've been focusing on living a healthier lifestyle and hiking and walking have played a critical and crucial role in that. I'm planning my first backpacking trip in over 30 years for next Summer (Pennsylvania's Loyalsock Trail). 

This Summer, I went kayaking for the first time. I've gone on extended day hikes. I've replaced old hiking gear with new gear because I am using and needing it. My wife and I are doing car camping when our kids spend a weekend with their grandparents (and tent camping with the kids).

And, of course, I became a member of REI because they'll be seeing more and more of my money as time goes on.  🙂

My next outdoor goal? Getting a permit for the JMT

“Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life.” (John Muir)

@Dad_Aint_Hip That is so great!  Congrats on all of those things! I've been on a bit of a similar path- losing weight, doing more hiking and camping, became a member and have been buying gear.  I've been to two trails on Long Island that I had not been to prior.  One of which breaks up my commute home from work and is more challenging than the other (so I look forward to getting there again).  I've been kayaking more this summer than previous.  I have another [car] camping trip planned. My new goal is to head to a trail in the lower Hudson Valley in the fall

@Dad_Aint_Hip @stinemarie 

Add one more companion to the journey you're both on! Congrats on all your success and thank you for being open and willing to share here in the community. Keep up the awesome work!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@johnt I also forgot about one I had earlier this year; to ski somewhere I have not skied.  I got brand new skis for the first time (always had very very used) and went to Hunter Mountain back in Feb.  Hoping to have another chance to go there and to another location next season.