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Walking sticks— which one to buy to walk city streets? Pls help.

  • which walking stick is best for trekking through city streets?     Pls advise.   Thanks
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@Mikeb thanks for reaching out! The majority of walking sticks and trekking poles will work for city streets, so long as you add angled rubber walking tips (usually sold separately), which are designed for use on asphalt or other hard surfaces. You might also consider shock absorption to cushion on the paved city streets! Here's a thorough article on selecting and using trekking poles, and although it is geared towards hiking, there are a few helpful nuggets that would apply to city use as well. Hope this helps!

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You might also want to consider poles that are designed for Nordic walking. They tend to be lighter than collapsable hiking poles. They also have better straps that support more of your wrist.


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