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The new Gut-B-Gone backpack

REI should design a backpack waist belt that doesn't make you look fat - you know, the accentuated little paunch you get when you cinch that waist belt.  (Makes it hard to suck in your gut for pictures or encountering other hikers on the trail.)

This is your chance to get ahead of the backpack design curve REI!  Osprey will be green with envy.

Don't forget where you got the idea!

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OMG you've read my mind.  I'm currently dieting (no joke) solely due to a sideways picture of me in my pack, from last August, not going to post it.

BTW, I've lost 26lbs from about 15 Jan, strictly from not snacking 24-7! So proud of myself!

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@Philreedshikes Congrats.  that's impressive.

Now I've got my backpack dialed in I need to focus on my frontpack.  It could do with the application of some ultralight thinking.  Got to balance out the base weights!

Like not taking stuff you don't need,  not eating stuff you don't need is the best way to lighten up.



thanks, it's not easy, at all, and I miss my shot of whiskey in the evenings

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@TomIrvine and everyone else on this thread...this might just be my favorite conversation in this community since we launched last summer - thank you for the much-needed moment of levity!

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