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Supportive hiking shoe with a wide toe box recommendation

I have heel spurs, and generally do better with a hiking shoe rather than a boot. I prefer a somewhat wide toe box. I have liked Keens. I would like to try trail running shoes, but for hiking, not running, so I want a supportive shank or rock plate. I like a very supportive shoe since I'm prone to knee pain. I would like to try on both a couple of "maximalist" shoes as well as traditional. Can you make some recommendations since I'm ordering online and can't go into a store now? Thanks!

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@sejaggi I'd at least take a look at the Altra Lone Peak. Wide toe-boxes are one of their specialties. I think you might want to upgrade the insole, however, if you want a more supportive shoe.

Oboz can also be very nice, if you'd like something a little less "sneakery." I'm not sure if they qualify as having a wide toe-box.

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Hi there @sejaggi!

I can agree with our user @TomIrvine that Altra’s are great in terms of their anatomical shape. They give plenty of space for the toes to roam free. However, given your other needs, they may not be the best shoe out of the box for you. 

Selecting footwear online can be difficult. As a result we would recommend taking advantage of our virtual outfitting  service!

I will also tag one of our footwear experts @REI-PearlD to see what advice she might have!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I'll try the virtual outfitting, thanks! I didn't know that was a service REI provides.


Great! You can read some nice testimonials here!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@sejaggi Need wide toe box too (Morton's Neuroma) & firm foot bed. Oboz have worked well for me. Gotta try 'em on, but at least REI has great return policy! Cannot readily translate sizes between brands, either, so an 11 in 1 brand may be a 10.5 in another.