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suggestions to help with blisters and Morton’s toe?

Hi team
my wife has her second toe is larger than her big toe and she has flat feet. After recommendation we took the merrel Moab 2 shoe of the next size which is 9 for her. After her first hike she had bad blisters around the foot arch area, we got to the store and asked about it when she was suggested to take woolen  socks. So with the new socks she went on her second hike this time it was better but still she has got a bit of blisters on both her arches and this time her second toe was hurting so bad coming down the hike. So could you please suggest on what she could do to improve her foot condition

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I get blisters every time I start a new pair of boots-ugh. There is always a break-in period. Do make sure the boots fit right and start by walking a few miles to break them in.

Many recommend moleskin but I prefer leukotape, The tape stays on for 3-4 days, is more waterproof and has solved my issues. Oh! cheaper too. wrap some around a capstick or small pencil and throw it in your bag. Apply to any area that feels "hot" before the blisters form.

Start with a stabilizing footbed to limit movement inside the boot. With Morton's toe it's important to have the heel pulled all the way back in the shoe, so you might alter your lacing style to have more pressure right on the corner of the instep to pull your ankle back. This advice comes from an ex custom boot fitter. Good luck.

Thank you so much for the advice, will surely ask her to try out the tape and the lacing technique . So here on REI site they have given 3 techniques Which one would be suitable for her @SolaceEasy 


The supportive footbed first.

Then lace whichever way works best.

Might take some experimentation. Aim for footwear with low volume - seek advice from a good shop. REI typically has knowledgeable staff in footwear - start there.


Thank you @SolaceEasy will experiment, i actually tried out the moab2 at the REI store on the staff recommendation