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Suggestions for Hiking Boots

Hey REI employees!

I'm a female in need of some help finding hiking boots and I'm thought I'd start with you first. Here's some things I'm looking for: 

- Boots that are good for long hikes (up to 1 month), but that I could also use on day hikes

- Boots that fit orthotics

- Boots with toe space! Context: I have annoyingly large first toes on both feet, and after having running shoes for about a year they get holes on the top of the shoes where my toes stick out. 

- Ideally under $200 (do you have any black Friday sales coming up?)

Let me know what you think, thank you!



2 Replies

@Coco so glad you decided to start with us! We've had lots of threads in this community about hiking boots so you may find some helpful suggestions just searching around. With that said, we've got some ideas:

  • Because feet are all different, it's pretty hard to make good recommendations over the internet without actually seeing your feet or knowing more about them! The info about your big toes is a great start, but it's also helpful to know about length, width, volume, and any other trouble spots. We typically recommend either a visit to your local REI store or setting up a free virtual outfitting appointment to start to hone in on boots that will work best for your feet.
  • It's also helpful to know where you're going to be hiking - will it be wet? Cold? Hot? Super rocky or more packed trail? And will you be carrying a heavy pack? These details will significantly impact what we recommend.
  • You might also check out our Expert Advice article on how to choose hiking boots

We'd love to provide some specific boot suggestions here in the community, if you're able to post again with a bit more information to the questions we've asked above!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thanks anyway.