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Suggestions for durable trail shoes for wide feet

I love the Altra Lone Peak but after three pairs, I am disappointed with how quickly they wear out and develop holes in the top.  Looking for a replacement for trail hiking for a wide foot.  The toe box of the Altra is my favorite part.  Looking for a shoe rather than a boot.

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I had the exact same issue with that brand.  Went with hoka one one (challenger AT5) they also have a wide toe box, and much more cushioning, glad I switched.

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@adkgirl4 we've had a number of threads here in the community specifically from folks in search of trail shoes (running/hiking) for wide feet - you can find one here that provides good information and some specific shoe suggestions.

We do have a number of our community members, like @Philreedshikes, who love the width, comfort and cushion of the Hoka One One shoes. One thing to note is that any time you get a shoe with a fabric upper (which is more breathable/lightweight), you are likely to see wear and tear appear faster than if you go with a more durable upper material, like leather (warmer/heavier) - this is a known trade-off.

In addition to the Hoka Challenger and Speedgoat, which do run wider, you might also check out the New Balance Fresh Foam, which is available in a wide width.

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@adkgirl4 For men's hiking shoes I like the Merrell Moab 2 in its various shoe forms and it is usually available in wide sizes although not the ventilator in women's at REI currently for some reason.   the regular is quite generous so it depends on how wide you need.   I didn't care for the boot as it has too much heel.

Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator Hiking Shoes - Women's Moab

here is a review that was just posted from Mac of halfwayanywhere who claims to have wide feet and walks a lot...


In my years of hiking the Altra is the only shoe I have found that really has a WIDE toe box, everything else advertised as wide is not wide enough for me.  I have worn mens at times because they are generally wider thanks for the recommendation I might try a mens.


I'll second the idea for the Moab 2. I have the Ventilators in the regular medium width and I have wide (ish) feet. The toe box is really generous while being able to securely hold my heel in place (a problem I have had with multiple different brands in the past).

Are there lighter shoes out there? Absolutely. But for the price and the comfort/fit, I've found my go-to brand and model.

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Hi @adkgirl4,

You have a great response from @REI-JenK, who mentioned that trail runners are known to "blow out" in the upper much more quickly than low hiking shoes. Typically, Altras, like most running shoes, will last about 300-500 miles, but your mileage will vary based on several conditions, such as a natural foot gait that will cause a hole to be made in the upper!

For a DIY solution for your existing shoes, you can use duct tape or Tenacious Tape to reinforce those high stress areas, or even patch a hole with the tape.

You might notice that as shoes update from version to version (Lone Peak 4 v 4.5, for example), changes are made to different components of the shoe, including the upper. A lot of times, those changes are made in direct response to customer feedback and testing. So, I'd highly, highly recommend contacting Altra to give your feedback on the wear and tear of your shoes so they can consider updates in the future that might improve the product. It's helpful to note how many miles you've been running or hiking, and when you purchased the shoes.

Hopefully all our ideas help you continue your treks outside in comfort! Happy trails!

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