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Starter Daypack with Bladder

Hi Guys, Im new to hiking and would love to hear your recommendations on a daypack with hydration system. Im petite (5ft) and weigh around 90lbs for reference haha Im not able to carry heavy things for a long time so I’d prefer something lighweight, good for day use. TIA! 

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@Kco  Kco,

While Osprey (like the Syncro 12) and REI (like the Co-op Trail Hydro 20L) make some great day/hydration packs, if you are just starting out, I cannot recommend highly enough the Teton Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack. For around $30, this little pack is tough, and for a small frame, fits well. I own several packs, from all of the above-named companies, and I have found that for day outings, the Teton Sport works great.

Happy Trails! 


@JBG  Thank you so much for the reply! I looked them up and they all look like they would suit my needs! Will definitely check them out at the store 🙂

Do not think that you have to buy a pack with a bladder. Most day backs have specific sleeves to accept most bladders, and even if yours does not, you can still use a bladder in it. Find the pack you like. Find the bladder you like. Odds are, they will work together.

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