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Show Us Your "Sit Spot" | 'Hikes for Health' Week 1

We're excited to announce 'Hikes for Health', a month-long focus on health, wellness, and spending time outside. Each week includes its own mini-challenge, virtual event, sweepstakes prize, and inspiring special guest - to register and learn more information, click here!

A "sit spot" is somewhere you go in nature to find a sense of peace and security. Yours may be a beautiful view on your daily run, your backyard, or a place to visit when you just need to clear your mind. Whether you already have a place in mind or need to discover one, we encourage you to visit your 'sit spot' and record how it feels to be there.

Share a photo and/or tell us about your sit spot.



Are you ready for Week 2, Week 3, or Week 4?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.
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Fortunate to live on the historic Fort Meade Cavalry Fort in Black Hills of SD.  Porch looks over the parade ground with Bear Butte to the north.  Enjoy the peace and serenity and can only imagine the training and promenades that occured on the parade grounds in the 1800s.  


This is one of my favorite campgrounds.  Point Beach State Park in Two Rivers, WI.  If you're looking for someplace dog friendly with great stargazing, this is the place.  You can chill on a hike or sitting on the beach.  So many places to be mindful!Two Rivers, WITwo Rivers, WI

Cape Horn Lookout, Columbia River Gorge. Sam and I go there whenever we can to enjoy the view and get away.IMG_20210326_180839.jpg


 My sitspot is at the beach at sunrise. It brings me so much peace and joy.


 Any of dozens of places by the San Francisco Bay - this specific spot is Pt. Isabel dog park

My sit spot is at the top of a small hill over looking a lake. Off the trail within the trees. It’s the perfect place to feel at one with nature. 

  • 26C8539D-7F58-487F-820C-2183261AEB12.jpeg

     mine is over this creek in my neighborhood! On walks I like to stop and think of 5 things I’m grateful for as I pass over it. 


 Borderland State Park, Easton, MA.


My most frequent sit spot is my own back yard. 
I mostly bought my house for my yard. Nice lake with trees behind it, birds, frogs, rabbits...  It’s a nice little spot in the middle of a city. 

My sit spot is in my hammock underneath my deck.  Great shade and get to hide from my kids:)