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Show Us Your "Sit Spot" | 'Hikes for Health' Week 1

We're excited to announce 'Hikes for Health', a month-long focus on health, wellness, and spending time outside. Each week includes its own mini-challenge, virtual event, sweepstakes prize, and inspiring special guest - to register and learn more information, click here!

A "sit spot" is somewhere you go in nature to find a sense of peace and security. Yours may be a beautiful view on your daily run, your backyard, or a place to visit when you just need to clear your mind. Whether you already have a place in mind or need to discover one, we encourage you to visit your 'sit spot' and record how it feels to be there.

Share a photo and/or tell us about your sit spot.



Are you ready for Week 2, Week 3, or Week 4?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.
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@Naturecrazed82 Sure am!  Northern Star Council class off 1998.  

Keep Calm and Paddle On

In a few years, she can start on her Lion!

this is my favorite sit spot we come and sit with the dogs and have our morning coffee before we start our day.  It’s our own back yard!! 

Big Rock Garden, Bellingam Washington


Like many folks I have a variety of favorite sit spots. While this one isn’t the most scenic, nor the most peaceful, it is the most convenient. The best way to start my work day is by enjoying a cup of tea on my deck in the morning, listening to the birds sing, watching the leaves flutter and smelling the fresh scents of nature. 


deck looking over back yard to propertydeck looking over back yard to property

Back yard into property. After work, put the feet up and chill for a few.

That's a beautiful spot you have, @GregA 

“Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life.” (John Muir)

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Thanks. Worked a lot of years with something like it in mind. There is a lot of overtime in it to get a long term forestry hobby removing vines and multiflora rose.

Here is the back back yard. I sometimes sit here to.



My sit spot is any time I can see the night sky.  The moon and stars are grounding for me.