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Show Us Your "Sit Spot" | 'Hikes for Health' Week 1

We're excited to announce 'Hikes for Health', a month-long focus on health, wellness, and spending time outside. Each week includes its own mini-challenge, virtual event, sweepstakes prize, and inspiring special guest - to register and learn more information, click here!

A "sit spot" is somewhere you go in nature to find a sense of peace and security. Yours may be a beautiful view on your daily run, your backyard, or a place to visit when you just need to clear your mind. Whether you already have a place in mind or need to discover one, we encourage you to visit your 'sit spot' and record how it feels to be there.

Share a photo and/or tell us about your sit spot.



Are you ready for Week 2, Week 3, or Week 4?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.
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 Wide Open Views like at Harriman State Park, NY.


A few years back I custom-cut a foam mattress and threw it in the back of my Honda Fit. At the time everyone said I was crazy... and I probably am. But I gotta say, sitting back here sure provides some peace and security. Open the windows on a nice day or close everything up and adjust to poor weather. There park possibilities are endless. Currently enjoying a state park in Colorado.

My go to sit spot is just about a mile from my house. I often go there to "hide" or just have some quiet time by myself in the woods. I may not solve all of my problems when I'm there, but I always feel like I can breathe better. 


Colchuck Lake (WA)Colchuck Lake (WA)Dishman Hills (WA)Dishman Hills (WA)

The top photo of Colchuck is my "happy place" but not close to home, nor readily accessible so my go-to sit spot is at Dishman Hills Natural Area (Spokane WA) which is the second photo.  This view from the Nimbus Loop is absolutely stunning and I love getting to it from the back side and then being rewarded with this view...takes my breath away every time.


 A beautiful quiet spot in my backyard ; I love listening to the birds singing , the waterfall and the babbling creek - it brings me such peace - no matter what is happening in my world I can find calmness here ❤️

20210122_104427.jpgMy favorite "sit spot" is on the Olallie Trail about a mile from my house. The views, solitude and nature are magnificent!


This is my ranch yard. We go there every weekend. The birds are amazing & the air is so fresh. I love sitting on the porch & taking it all in. I’m lucky to own a little piece of Texas paradise!


These are views out the back of the house we bought last October, up in the Georgia Mountains.  We finally have the sitting spot we always wanted, without having to travel to get to it.  Inside view or out on the deck, it's what we've worked for years to get.


Just stepped out to shoot this.  If you look closely, you can see the mountain laurel is blooming.  It's all over our place.  We thought it was when we moved in, but didn't realize how much we have!  This is facing southwest, so we get the sunsets.  There's another deck on the opposite side, out the front door, with a closer view, and the sunrises.  So far we don't use that one much;  we're still getting things arranged. Soon, we hope.


The winter view.  With the leaves off the trees, you can see down into the valley.  Several small family farms, so even with the isolated-feeling you get when the trees are leafed out, we can hear cattle, roosters challenging each other, a turkey, and even a donkey.  He always gets our attention.  During the winter, we can also see Stekoa Creek winding around the base of our mountain. 

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My "go-to" sit spot is a local outdoor space nestled in the canyons of Los Angeles. Just a jaunt away from a pond full of sizable koi fish, complacent turtles crowded on floating logs, and bashful squirrels. PXL_20210517_203211053.jpg

My favorite sit spot is where ever I can find a quiet and peaceful place outdoors. Where I can think about life and what's going on.