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Show Us Your boots! | 'Hikes for Health' Week 2

We're excited to announce 'Hikes for Health', a month-long focus on health, wellness, and spending time outside. Each week includes its own mini-challenge, virtual event, sweepstakes prize, and inspiring special guest - to register and learn more information, click here!

The right footwear is often vital for a comfortable and enjoyable trail experience. If hiking boots could talk, we'd hear endless stories of proud thru-hikes, evenings on neighborhood trails, and soggy river crossings. Because they cannot, it more often sounds like "flip, flop, slap, shlop, pitter, patter, zooooom." Luckily, you can speak for them!

Show us your favorite trail footwear in action and tell us a brief story about a moment you shared with them on the trail!



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At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.
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It's not much of a trail, but it's what I've got. Love these boots, though.


If the weather is good and the terrain, I go for a trail runner for a day hike.

IMG_20210527_084436_544.jpg question is, which boots do I share?  I've narrowed it down to these...

First in line are my beloved Under Armour Noorviks, which have since been discontinued.  I have hundreds, if not thousands of miles on them over the years, but they've become a bit too worn, so I have retired them to dog-walking duty only.

Next is the La Sportiva Nucleo's I got to replace the UA boots for winter hiking.  I got them at an REI sale at 1/2 price last year, and used them over this winter. They may have 100 miles on them so far.

And, last but not least are the Salomon X Ultras I got from the REI Good & Used site for warm weather hiking.  I haven't had a chance to use them yet.

And let's not forget my Bean Boots, my Sorel Pac boots....

I think I may have a problem...

Under Armour NoorvikUnder Armour NoorvikLa Sportiva NucleoLa Sportiva NucleoSalomon X UltraSalomon X Ultra

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Got these Salomons at the beginning of the pandemic since my old hiking shoes were worn out and I figured I'd be doing a lot of pandemic hiking.  Since then, I've done the Trans Catalina trail, Sespe River trail and the Manzana trail 🙂  Also, weekly hikes at local spots.  Lots of fun exploring and seeing new places!!


My boots have been on so many adventures, and now they share adventures with a few more feet 

Girls hiking trip to the SmokiesGirls hiking trip to the Smokies

Hiking with vegan boots in Garden of the Gods located in Shawnee, ILHiking with vegan boots in Garden of the Gods located in Shawnee, IL




In March I put 4k miles on my car and visited Navajo NP/Monument Valley, Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, Capitol Reef NP, Bryce Canyon NP, Zion NP, Grand Canyon NP. It was the first adventure I’ve had in over a year. This photo was taken on BLM land adjacent to Arches. I was enjoying my lunch while having a sit and enjoying feeling very small while being reminded that our beautiful country is very big. It was excellent for my mental and physical health. And as you can see - I need all REIs guidance on proper trail shoes. 🙂 

Love, love, LOVE my Salomon X Ultras! Put a lot of miles on these puppies and they are still comfy as the day I bought them.