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Shoes for hiking kilimanjaro in september

I need to purchase shoes for my kilimanjaro hike in september. I want to break them in so I would like to purchase now but I have no idea what to buy.

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Hi @dwfzipit - Thanks for reaching out! 

It's exciting to hear you are preparing for a Kilimanjaro hike. Getting your footwear sorted now and making sure they are comfortable for your hike is a great idea.

It is difficult to recommend specific pairs of boots without seeing your feet, as so many of them fit differently. We recommend going into your local REI or scheduling a free virtual outfitting appointment to talk through some options with one of our footwear experts. They will be able to make some more personalized recommendations once seeing and hearing a bit more about your feet. 

To start looking into boots now, we recommend taking a look at the following options:

Hopefully this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Just some additional considerations:  

1.  Mt.K is 19,341 feet so you can expect potential for very cold and maybe wet weather.  Shoes should match the challenge.
2.  One lesson I learned from climbing Mt. Fuji is that volcanic Mt's are one that require the best possible tread.  

Completely agree that stopping by a local REI will give you the opportunity to not only see multiple brands that may meet your needs, but they are great at helping pick the right size. 
Enjoy and share your pics 🙂  

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I've been on Kili in February of 2015. I don't know how much the weather is different in September, but, despite higher elevation and volcanic nature, I would compare the terrain and trail quality with Colorado ones. Everything is over organized there, and you will be completely under the guides control. They will not allow you to go outside of the tourist trail, so, you will see glacier, but on some distance, and will not step on it.    

Summarizing, if you have experience in something like Rockies, the same gear would work on Kili too.