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Seeking suggestions for a GPS unit for hiking

hi,dont know if I am in the correct discussion forum? please re-direct me if not. long story short. I am looking for a Gps device(most likely hand held) for hiking. I have been an avid hiker and hunter for 30 years now and always just used topo maps and a compass. What Gps hand held would be good for tracking my elevation,time,latitude and longitude co-ords.etc...etc..? for around 300.00 or less? any thing that can record or postmark a long and lat co-ord? color map,time,weather,elevation,incline etc... I am looking at garmin but dont know what is best for the money.

Sorry!  Newbie here. any insite would be awesome.

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@Snoborder73  Thanks for reaching out!

You are definitely in the right place! It sounds like you're already well on your way to a good understanding of navigation with all of your map and compass experience. You never want to rely on your GPS as a replacement to your map and compass, rather, and additional tool to enhance the data you have on hand. We have several good options for GPS units that will accomplish what you need at the price point you're looking for:

All of these units come with pre-loaded 100k maps, but you can purchase more detailed 24k maps and load them on to the units. Those 24k maps contain more detail, however, they cover a much smaller amount of territory, so you'll want to be sure you purchase the correct one for the region you need a map for. You can see some of the Garmin 24k topo map software options here.

Additionally, we encourage you to check out some other conversations about GPS from here in the community. There may be some tips or advice in one of these threads that may be helpful:

Lastly, we recommend checking out this Expert Advice article How to choose and use a GPS unit. It has a lot of great information that can be useful when making your decision.

Hopefully this helps get you started, feel free to reach out with any other questions. Thanks!

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