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Seeking recommendations for a cell phone with a good GPS

Hello fellow hikers!  I'm doing a lot of hiking and have run into MAJOR issues with my cell phone.  I have a Samsung S8+.  I use AllTrails for tracking (Yes, I know. I'm switching to GAIA).  

I've rebooted the phone multiple times and have removed a bunch of apps to try and improve the signal.  The phone is in a pocket with no interference.

Any recommendations on what to purchase? 

p.s. I'm getting a Garmin InReach next year.


Thanks in advance,


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@CajunHiker wrote:

What are your thoughts on AT&T and Verizon as far as GPS coverage is concerned.  This is a temporary fix until I get my Garmin.

GPS coverage doesn't depend on the carrier. It's a function of the phone, i.e. what sets of satellites it supports as well as how good the GPS receiver and antenna are. This is why dedicated GPS units like Garmin are usually better than a phone. They have better GPS hardware, a larger antenna, etc.

If by "GPS coverage" you mean for downloading maps as you hike, that depends on where you are. Different carriers provide different coverage in different areas, especially in remote areas. You could check each carrier's website for their coverage map to see if one provides better coverage in the areas you're more likely to need a GPS.

Yes, this is all vague. But really, "it depends..."


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