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Seeking information on the Dark Sky Weather app


I’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and purchasing Dark Sky Weather for my iphone. I have been reading that it may be going away, yet people are still calling it the best weather app. I was using Weather Channel app and am not liking it much lately, as it is filled with ads and charges a yearly fee.

Does Dark Sky charge a yearly fee other than the $4.00 app purchase? I would like to have some app that is accurate without all the ads.


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Hi @Cdawley4 - Thanks for bringing this question to the community. I don't use Dark Sky myself, but did a bit of research and wanted to share what I found. Dark Sky used to be available as a website and on Android phones, though has since become only available for purchase on iOS devices. Now that it is only available on Apple devices there are no publicized plans of it stopping. The $4 purchase looks to be one time, without a year subscription fee. 

The weather app that I use is Wunderground, which has a website and is available on Android/Apple phones. There is a free version with ads or a premium version that removes them. I'm not a weather expert, but I do love that this one gives me hour-by-hour temperatures, precipitation amounts/percentages, and wind data.

Hopefully this helps!

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Hi @Cdawley4 .

I have no information on the Dark Sky app, but depending upon where you are located, or where you are traveling, it may be worthwhile to look into the local news station to see if they have something free available.

I live in Maryland, and the local Fox affiliate has a rather robust app that provides current conditions, daily & hourly forecasts, as well as a fully functional radar and even a link to the most recent broadcast weather report...all without annoying ads.  I have found it to be reliable and accurate. However, to my knowledge, it only works within its home area, not nationally, so it does have its limitations.

Good luck!

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