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REI Traverse Trekking Pole Parts


I have a pair of Traverse trekking poles and lost a screw to one of the powerlocks. I did contact Komperdell and they said they don't manufacturer these poles. Through chat I found out that they are manufactured overseas and no parts are available. The screws are unique and not available at any local hardware stores. Any suggestions? 



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I suspect the thread on the screws are not unique and you can improvise a fix.  The thread is likely metric.  I would take the pole to a good hardware store and go to their fastener section and see if you can identify the thread size and then look of screw styles that might work.  Most likely some kind of socket head cap machine screw.


Thanks for the response. I have been to several hardware stores and this screw is not metric or standard. The screw have extremely fine threads and the head is not standard but a custom design. I even reached out to a machine shop to build one, but the cost was more than the poles. I'm attaching a pic so you get an idea of this unique little guy. Cheers!!




Pictures help.  Possibly a extra fine metric thread which will may harder to find on that size machine screw...

Assuming it is metric (which seems very likely) the first step is to measure the screw diameter to see if it is M3 or M4 or whatever.   M3 is typically available with 0.35 fine pitch and M4 with 0.5 fine pitch.  It might be one of those.  The common thread pitches are M3 0.5 and and M4 0.7 respectively.

Possibly it is something less usual.  M3 with 0.20 pitch or  M4 with 0.35 pitch maybe.

You won't find a screw with that head but you might be able to fake it using a longer screw and a washer or spacer.  If it screws into an aluminum billet then it may work to re thread that to a more commonly available pitch.  I can't tell how it works from just the screw so I'm guessing.   

Another option is to see if someone has a single pole of the same model.