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Recommendation for a boot to hike Half Dome.


Can you recommend a men's hiking boot for Half Dome?


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@JKodiak The NPS has a few good tips:

The section on foot wear suggests well broke in boots with good traction.

I assume your are considering the trail with the cables in place during the summer.  If you are considering snake Dike or the Northwest Face, you will need something else.

I would consider a comfy, well broken in approach shoe, at least for the cable section.

I am not an REI employee, but I am retired NPS and I could not resist jumping in....



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@JKodiak Thanks for reaching out!

You're planning quite the hike! We had a thread last year about Favorite Extreme/Hardest Day Hikes in the US and the Half Dome hike was mentioned as a contender. If you're curious about some other tips and training ideas, feel free to check out this conversation we had about Training for Half Dome@Michael@ajordan@galileo are members of the community who have done this hike, and you've gotten some good tips from @hikermor with his vast experience, perhaps they can weigh in with what boots worked best for them.

In terms of the best boot for you, we strongly recommend setting up a free virtual outfitting appointment with one of our product experts. That will allow you to talk through your specific needs in terms of fit, along with the different features of the boots you are looking at.

For a 'day hike', Half Dome is intense by almost every standard. Length (time and distance), elevation, exposure, and terrain are all challenging factors. Beginning with wet, rocky stairs by Vernal falls on the aptly named Mist Trail, to the hot, dry sandy sections in Little Yosemite Valley, to the infamous 'cables' section up the granite rock to the summit. Good traction and support are critical in a pair of boots. We recommend taking a look at a couple options like these:

This should give you a good starting point for choosing a pair of boots for your hike. Best of luck, be sure to come back and share some photos with us!


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Thank you, that is very helpful!