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Recommendation/Advice for Altra Hiking Boots.

I'm looking at the Altra hiking boots. I'm interested in any reviews or opinions on them. 

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They seem very popular.  I tried them, and for me the cushioning was lacking, so I returned them.  But many swear by them.

I went with Hokas.

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Hi @Kirsteemarie. Thanks for the question! My wife hikes and works in Altras and loves them for two big reasons. First, Altras are designed with a wide toe box to encourage your metatarsals to spread out. This allows your toes to have some wiggle room. Second, she likes the zero drop heel, which suits her walking style.

Having said that, the zero drop heel isn't for everyone and I prefer a classic shoe profile that has a higher heel and drops down to the toes. 

If you want to know more about the zero drop approach to shoes, check out this article on our website. Even though its an article about minimalist running, it contains info that would help you make a decision on whether Altras are a good hiking boot choice for you!

Happy Trails!

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Thank you! That was very helpful. I have a pair of Xero Shoes and really like them

I have a pair of Salomon gtx. It's lightweight. I really love this boots.