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Questions about Compass length

I'm researching different compasses. When looking at the specifications, and it says a compass is 4.72 inches long, is that just the baseplate or does it include the section with the mirror when it is in the open position? Thanks 

2 Replies

Probably depends on the brand and who is listing it for sale.  There is not rule.  but if it says the baseplate size then it is probably just the baseplate

I have a SUNNTO MC-2 USGS and its base plate is approx 3.75 * 2.5 inches.  The Mirror hinge overhangs the end of the plate adding  < 0.25 inches and opening the mirror vertically adds < 0.5 inches . 

SUNNTO say 65 x 101 x 18 mm / 2.56 x 3.98 x 0.71 " on their site which appears to be the physical size with the mirror closed.

I can take more accurate measurements if it is helpful.


Thanks! That really helps. Further measurement won't be necessary. I was comparing a Brunton Truarc 5, Suunto M-3, and Suunto MC-2. I have an older Suunto (no model # I can detect) and Silva Starter 1-2-3. I have some trouble reading both so I want to go a little bigger. Also considering the Truarc 15 with the magnifier. I don't think I'd use the mirror much but the magnifier is luring me.