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Pre-packaged meals for the trail

Just looking for thoughts and pros and cons on the dehydrates pre-packaged meals for backpacking 

weight?  Sodium? Space? Cost?

always looking to cut weight and still have the necessary energy on the trail...  

i usually backpack 5 to 10 days at a time.

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I've tried several of the pre-packaged freeze-dried meals, and I'm always disappointed. Not to the point of "I can't eat this" but disappointing nonetheless, taste-wise. You also have no choice about how much food you're getting in each meal. I now cook my own food at home and dry it, buy freeze dried meat, and make up my own "just add water" meals. It's more work, but I can make the portions to fit me, and can season everthing to suit me. I use mylar vacuum bags, write necessary info on them with a marker, add an oxygen absorber, and vacuum seal them. I make up a dozen or two at a time, and then when I'm ready to hike I just grab and go.